Our Values

Geoffrey Lurie Solicitors

Who we are and what we stand for..

 We believe in excellence as standard

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. We seek to continually improve our performance and to deliver a quality service at a competitive price.

We believe in being accountable

We hold ourselves accountable to our clients in meeting their needs. We expect to be held accountable by our clients and to be judged on outcomes and our performance.

We believe in being respectful

We treat all clients with respect and dignity at every touch point; face to face, on the phone, written communication.

We believe in forging partnerships with our clients

We act unconditionally for our clients and for their needs. All of our team play their role in delivering the best and most effective outcome for all of our clients.

We believe in being responsive

Our clients expect us to respond to their questions and queries in a timely fashion. Responding to all clients quickly is just one of our internal benchmarks we use to gauge how we perform. We see all touch points as an opportunity to demonstrate our sensitivity to client issues and how much we appreciate and care for them.

We believe in taking responsibility

We all take personal responsibility when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients and towards enhancing the reputation of our law firm. It can be never someone else’s job or someone else’s fault. We will not make excuses. Everyone in our firm owns every client issue until their matter is successfully concluded.

We believe in honouring our commitments

If we say we will do something then we will do it. Our internal procedures are robust and ensure our commitment to satisfying client-needs is permanently delivered.

We promote a “can-do” attitude

We set ourselves high expectations and goals. We seek to continually improve our knowledge and procedures and review our performance regularly. We seek to deliver great outcomes for our clients and seek feedback from them as to how we can do even better.


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