Ask a Question to Our Local Wills Solicitor Newcastle

Our Local Wills Solicitor Newcastle, Responds to an Interesting Question Posed by Andrew:


“I live in the South of England, but my brother lives in Newcastle, as do my parents. My brother is a carer to my parents. My parents have recently changed their Will to include my brother’s children as beneficiaries, but did not consult with me. Any advice you can give?”


James Burnett of Geoffrey Lurie Solicitors Newcastle says:

Hello Andrew, thank you for your email.

1) Are you happy your parents have the mental capacity to change their Will? If so, provided it is not in question that your parents have mental capacity, and,

2) there has been no undue coercion by your brother, your parents are entitled to amend their wills as they wish.

If there are issues, for example, you think either of your parents have lost capacity, or their has been coercion, then their Wills may not be valid.

I would advise you to check on points 1 & 2 before deciding what to do. I am happy to discuss your options with you in person, or over the telephone. Please give me  a call on 0191 466 1444 or email, your local Wills Solicitor Newcastle.