Legal Disputes

Occasionally, legal dispute is unavoidable. The important thing is to act quickly and seek a speedy resolution.

Geoffrey Lurie Newcastle Solicitors have a specialist dispute resolution team who are hugely experienced in finding effective and swift resolutions to a vast array of legal areas of dispute.

We deal in or, ideally, out of court to settle litigious claims and our reputation for success, on behalf of our clients, in enviable.

Based at Regents Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, you can contact our team for advice on any legal dispute. The most common cases we deal with are based around:

  1. Property & Boundary disputes (including boundary lines, rights of way, trespass, repairs to rented property, new or proposed extensions, ownership and maintenance of walls and fences etc.)
  2. Civil Litigation (breach of contract, payment of bills, provision of services etc.)
  3. Contentious Probate (disputes over validity or contents of wills and trusts etc.)


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