Family & Matrimonial Matters

We recognise that the breakdown of a marriage is a huge event for any individual to come to terms with, the impact of which is not limited to domestic and financial arrangements. We approach all matters with a high degree of sensitivity as well as urgency.

Whether you are considering a divorce or separation and want to find out what is involved, or you have received notice of proceedings from your partner and want to know what happens next, our divorce solicitors can help provide the divorce legal advice you need and we will provide advice and support to guide you through the divorce process with minimum distress.

At Geoffrey Lurie Solicitors, we encourage our clients to maintain a constructive dialogue in the interests of preserving a civil on-going relationship, which is crucial in cases where children are involved. In our experience this approach is more cost effective than litigation, although when necessary we will advise you on pursuing a court based settlement.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation on divorce and separation matters.

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