Property Disputes arising from Separation

Property disputes are commonplace during separation of married couples, partners, friends or relatives. They also have the ability to create long lasting tensions and unnecessary delays in the sale of the property.

Disputes can arise over who is entitled to benefit from the sale proceeds, especially where unmarried couples are separating with no children. If the property is in your partner’s name and you have contributed towards the deposit and mortgage, you may be entitled to a share of the property.

If you are caught up in a dispute with your partner, friend or relative over the sale of a jointly owned property, we can provide specialist advice to protect your interests. If the property is owned in joint names, it is often presumed that each owner is entitled to 50% of the property value. That may well NOT be the case!

Your entitlement will depend on your individual circumstances and will usually be determined by the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. It can also depend on whether the property is owned as ‘Tenants in Common’ or as ‘Joint Tenants’.

During these times, you need professional, independent and objective advice. Our property solicitors can assess your individual circumstances, advise on your rights and help resolve any disputes.

Usually, a shared property is the most valuable asset in a relationship and the equity released from it may well determine the future of one or both parties.

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